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Education Navigation will create a customized road map that will guide your journey to college success!

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Roadmap to Dreams

The college admissions process can be overwhelming, but deciding to travel with Education Navigation on the journey will assure you reach your destination! As your Education Consultant, I promise to create a personalized Road Map that will help your family navigate every step of the college admissions process and take away the STRESS so you can enjoy the time you have left at home together and ensure you reach the college destination that is the right fit for you.

Modern Education Center

As a lifelong educator, it is my goal to help every person I am in contact with to create their own definition of “Success”, then keep them on track to help them achieve that success with Purpose.  I’m Betsy Pruitt, M.S.Ed., of Education Navigation, and as an Education Consultant, I work with high school students and their parents to find the best higher education options to make your student’s dreams a reality.  I would be honored to travel on the most important journey of your student’s life with you and your family. The college admissions process will be a lot more fun and much less stressful with me as your guide.  I have helped create a Road Map for countless families, and I have my GPS and all the tools we need to start creating your Road Map today! From making sure every detail is included in applications, to helping you decide what you want to study, to looking over your last essay revision and scholarship application, your Guide will be with you every step of the way!

Alexa Young, CA

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